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  • Peso spedizione: 21kg.
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  • Prodotto da: Behringer
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Sistema di altoparlanti da 600 Watt con coni da 12'' e mixer integrato

Digital Processor-Controlled 600-Watt 12" PA Speaker System with Integrated Mixer

Introducing the Digitally Controlled 600-Watt Speaker from BEHRINGER

It doesn’t matter if you need a PA system for a heavy metal band, a church or a one-man show. You want a speaker that sounds great at whisper level but can also level the house if needed.

The state-of-the-art EUROLIVE B1220DSP PA speaker system boasts 600 Watts that will simply blow you away. It holds a bi-amped 600-Watt engine which drives a high-efficiency 12" woofer for brutal punch and a 1.75" titanium driver for high-end resolution. The rotatable, asymmetrical horn design allows a driver adjustment for either horizontal floor monitor application or upright position. The built-in mixer allows you to run the show without any extra equipment.

But this animal also has a brain: a powerful 24-bit DSP controls the crossover, a dual compressor/limiter, phase and time corrections and even a noise gate. The intelligent dynamic EQ makes sure your system sounds perfect at any sound level.

Best of all, you don’t have to be a gorilla to carry it.

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