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There are various types of cables, all filaments twisted copper and surrounded by an insulating sheath allow you to transmit current, audio, data, etc., .. There are power cables, electrical cables, usb cables, RCA cables, but this depends on the connectors that are used:
The RCA connectors, however, are used for analog or digital audio or analog video. The connector is composed of a central protuberance (male) or by a hole (female), surrounded by a ring, separated by an insulating plastic or ceramic.
Neutrik Speakon connectors are used to connect, in audio systems, speaker amplifier. In this context it is also used to support the connector PowerCon major powers of the normal audio signal.

The use of connectors TRS is mainly in the analog signals. These connectors are named after their shape which has a tip (Tip), a ring in the middle (Ring) and a sleeve at the end (sleeve). Among these are audio jacks, telephone jacks, jacks, mini-jack, mini-stereo jack including the original 6.35 mm and the most recent mini-phone 3.5 mm and 2.5 mm in mono and stereo (balanced). They have two forms, straight or bent pipe.

Other connectors are XLR, also known as Cannon connectors, used for analog or digital audio balanced. Such connectors have a locking system (Latch) Safety and an insulator rubber (Rubber) around the prongs. They may have a different number of feet, usually three, four or five.
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