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For better audio quality of the headphones are the best technological device on the market. Their shape allows it to combine comfort with ease and clarity of listening, are great to use at home on your computer, game console or other audio device. The length of the headphone cord is not standard, but varies depending on the model and the use made of it: a greater extension of the connection allows greater freedom of movement is not always useful to anyone who uses the device to work sitting in front of the desk. Not always, however, the cable is an essential element for those who dream of enjoying a movie on TV in peace without anyone would complain about the volume too high, here are designed wireless headphones, but it is true that the latter technology still not well combined with the fidelity of audio playback, sin therefore quality.
But how do you know if you're going to buy a quality item? In the case of headphones, there are four factors to be taken into account. Is the fundamental frequency response, such a characteristic is inherent to the extension that the audio device is able to reproduce, the highest quality is guaranteed by those headphones that guarantee a frequency range from 20 to 20,000 Hz Other parameter is that of linearity frequency, indicates the constancy of the audio signal. Such a characteristic is expressed in dB, the lower the declared value the better the sound quality. The third characteristic is perhaps the most important, certainly the most emblematic of the sensitivity and is inherent in fidelity audio. Even this size is indicated in dB, the higher the value the higher the quality indicated. The devices offer a lower sensitivity to 85 dB may be subject to noise during audio playback, higher fidelity is achieved when the dB above the threshold of 95. The impedance is the fourth and last parameter to consider, typically has a variable value and is measured based on the resistance that meets the current passing through the headphones. The size is expressed in Ω (ohms), a higher value indicates a more attenuated signal but more pure and faithful, a smaller value indicates playback audio to a higher volume but with lower quality.
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