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Beat the competition with this value-engineered color changer.

Geni's Color Blaster-250 delivers a broad, strong beam of colored light. You get ten dichroic colors + white, strobe and 0-100% dimming. Either turn on the music to e
oy a preprogrammed audio-controlled show or use DMX control - both are chosen simply with the flip of a dip switch.

And Geni's user-oriented design lets you work at your convenience. User aids include focus assistance, selection of a four- or eight-unit audio program, self-test function and DMX signal termination. Color Blaster-250 is the perfect companion to Nimbus or Shiva series scanners.

With Color Blaster-250, you get an easy-to-use color changer that is value-engineered to beat the competition


  • Quality optics for high lumen output:
          - Large optical path; AR & IR lenses

  • Effect variety:
          - Ten dichroic colors + white
          - Rainbow effect; shutter and dimming

  • Engineered to perform:
          - Electronic dimming 0-100%, strobe
          - Audio and DMX512 control
          - Two channels: color/shutter; dimmer

  • Built to last:
          - One precision, quality stepper motor
          - Axial fans with long-life ball bearings

  • Convenient to use:
          - Self-test and focus assistant functions
          - Preprogrammed audio-controlled show
          - Standard DMX512 control and address
          - Convenient 3-pin XLR signal connection



Color Blaster-250 has several special functions designed to enhance user convenience. You can simply flip a function dip switch to choose from DMX or audio modes, or to activate a self-test function, get lens adjustment help, or to operate on 50 or 60Hz electric power supply. All this is made easy with the following function dip switches.





Exterior Control

4 Unit Audio Mode


Exterior Control

8 Unit Audio Mode


Exterior Control

Self-Test Function


Exterior Control

Focus Assistant


Exterior Control

Not Used


50 Hz Power Supply

60 Hz Power Supply


Exterior Control

DMX Signal Termination

For audio control with four units, switch on Function Dip Switch #1. For audio control with eight units, switch on Function Dip Switch #2. Up to 48 units can be operated on either audio mode

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