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Macchina fumo basso Fogtec Zero G Froster

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  • Peso spedizione: 10kg.
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  • Prodotto da: Fogtec
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Product Information

The Zero G Froster from Fogtec is an affordable low-lying fog machine that produces a ground hugging fog that stays close to the floor, very similar to a dry ice effect but without the health hazards caused by dry ice and is perfect for theatrical productions, nightclubs and DJs looking for a different eye catching stage effect.

All that is needed to get the Zero G Froster up and running is up to 2KG of ice cubes or frozen re-useable ice packs inserted into the container at the top of the unit and up to 0.75LT of low fog fluid. The chilled fog then transforms the venue with billowing clouds of smoke making the floor disappear in a pool of low level mist.

A fast and easy to use water drainage valve system is fitted to the rear of the unit so as the ice melts, it drains into a plastic bag (not supplied) on the rear of the unit.


Output: 2.500 cu. ft/min
Tank Capacity: 0.75 Litre


Power consumption: 900W
Power supply: 240V
Dimensions: 442 x 317 x 259mm
Weight: 8.2Kgs

Controller features:

Cable length: 5M

Connections: 5-Pin Din

Functions: Timer with interval, duration and output 

 Continuous and manual fogging

Dimensions: 158 x 75 x 48mm

Weight: 0.32Kgs

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